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Experiencing a dental emergency can be overwhelming, causing discomfort and anxiety. Dr. Jenny Crow, our expert Westminster emergency dentist, is ready to provide swift, compassionate emergency care to address your dental needs without delay.

From severe toothaches and broken teeth to dental traumas, we’re equipped to offer the prompt care you deserve.

Severe toothache

Experiencing relentless tooth pain? It might be due to decay, an infection, or an injury.

Knocked-out tooth

A tooth knocked completely out of its socket requires immediate attention.

Broken or chipped tooth

Whether it’s a break, chip, or crack, damage can result from biting down hard, decay, or mishaps.

Soft tissue injuries or bleeding gums

Injuries like cuts or bleeding in the gums, tongue, or inside of the mouth can happen due to accidents or mishandling sharp items.

Other dental emergencies…

  • Lost dental crown or filling
  • Abscessed tooth or dental infection
  • Jaw fractures or dislocations
  • Object stuck between teeth
  • Denture or dental appliance damage
  • Dental trauma from accidents or sports injuries

Priority Same-Day Appointments

Your comfort can’t wait — our schedule adapts to your urgent needs.

Compassionate, Respectful Care

You’re more than your dental emergency; you’re part of our family.

Tailored High-Quality Treatment

Each patient receives personalized, advanced treatment options.

Flexible Payment Solutions

We provide a variety of payment options to make urgent dental care accessible.

Don’t wait to feel better

Need emergency dental care? We ensure that help is available when you most need it, offering same-day consultations to quickly address and alleviate your dental concerns.

Our dedicated Westminster emergency dentist combines experience with empathy, guaranteeing the highest standard of care for every emergency.

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Dive into exceptional dental care with our exclusive offer for new patients. Our special includes:

  • Comprehensive exam to assess your oral health
  • State-of-the-art x-rays to pinpoint any underlying issues
  • A professional dental cleaning to leave your smile bright and refreshed.

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Insurance Made Easy

We accept various insurance plans, ensuring you get the care you need hassle-free. Let us handle the paperwork while you focus on your smile.

No Insurance, No Worries!

We offer flexible payments: credit cards, CareCredit, and in-office financing. Plus, our $79 special for a comprehensive exam, x-rays, and cleaning makes dental care accessible to all.

Our patients’ smiles speak volumes

“Loved my first visit! The team was kind, thorough, and super quick to get started on my teeth—barely any wait time! Excited for my follow-up. A big thank you”

— Leo D.

“Great experience at Smiles of Westminster! My daughter and I love Dr. Crow and the friendly staff. Thorough, friendly, professional, and very informative. Highly recommend!”

— Claire C.

“Thanks Dr. Crow. We had a great experience. Very caring and gentle providers. I recently took my mom in for 3 crowns and we were very impressed. It was one of the least painful dental experience she has ever had. They all were so calming and attentive. Greatly appreciated!”

— Nikki K.

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Dental emergencies FAQs

Seek professional dental help immediately after any mouth injury. Quick access to our emergency services can lead to more effective outcomes.

Keep the tooth moist at all times. If possible, gently reinsert it into the socket or place it in milk or between your gums and cheeks. Apply a cold compress to reduce swelling, and see a dentist as soon as possible.

Rinse with warm water, and gently use dental floss to remove any trapped debris. Avoid applying medication directly to the affected area. Instead, rinse with a saltwater solution, apply a warm compress, and contact our office.

Carefully try to remove it with dental floss. Avoid using sharp instruments. If you can’t remove it safely, visit us for professional help.

Yes. Temporary relief from discomfort doesn’t mean the underlying problem is resolved. It’s important to inform us about the issue to prevent more serious pain in the future.

Costs vary based on the treatment required. We’ll provide a detailed cost estimate during your consultation.