Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is used to remove dead or irritated tissue from the core of your tooth and fill this space to prevent bacteria from inhabiting it, causing ongoing inflammation or infection. It is a common, safe procedure that can preserve your natural tooth, relieving any pain or discomfort you may have experienced.

How is a root canal performed?

During a root canal therapy, the nerve chamber of the tooth is opened, and the root canals are meticulously cleaned and shaped to allow disinfection and filling all the way to the root tips for sealing, preventing further infection. The complexity of this process greatly differs based on factors such as the specific tooth, its previous conditions, and the patient’s age.

Treatment is typically done under local anesthetic or sedation for your comfort, ensuring a pain-free procedure. Our team will guide you through the process with care and precision.

Symptoms of Infection to Watch Out For

If you notice any of the following infection warning signs, please reach out to our Smiles of Westminster office for a consultation:

  • Continuous pain or discomfort in your mouth
  • Sensitivity to temperature in the tooth and gums
  • Visible injury, swelling or redness in the gums
  • Presence of pus near a tooth or teeth

After your root canal treatment

Following your treatment, you may experience sensitivity in your tooth for the initial days. This discomfort may be relieved with over-the-counter or prescribed pain medications, as directed. Refrain from chewing on the treated tooth until you have your complete restoration.

Our team will provide detailed guidance on post-treatment care. Adhering to these instructions is crucial to ensure proper healing and to maintain the health of your tooth. Make sure to attend all follow-up appointments as scheduled to monitor the treatment’s progress and ensure your tooth’s long-term well-being.

Root Canal Treatment in Westminster CO

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